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“Up Next” Artist Review – Winnetka Bowling League

Written by on October 19, 2020

By Roxy Augeri

Its time to dive into the serene sounds of Winnetka Bowling League, the brainchild of writer and producer Matthew Koma. And yes, the band is indeed named after Koma’s real bowling league. 

After working with artists like Carly Rae Jepsen, 5 Seconds of Summer and Hillary Duff, Koma decided to break out and create a sound that was unique to himself, enlisting the help of his brother and fellow bandmates to make it happen. 

The unique sound they were able to create can only be categorized as quintessential indie alternative. If you’re looking for music with a good vibe and an even better backtrack, Winnetka Bowling League is the band for you. This is the type of music that you put on for a long beach drive or sunset; it has all the good vibes you’d expect from a small indie band. All their music features a smooth repetitive sound, utilizing calm vocals and classic guitar and drums to spice up their sound. 

What I love about this band is that they are able to stick to their distinct sound while also trying out different styles on every track. Each song has an individual mood attached to it, so you never get bored. They also wrap unique stories into each song, so that the lyrics actually have a fluid importance instead of just being a catalyst for the rest of the sound. Reading the lyrics is like reading a poem, which is one of the best ways to tell that a band has been thoughtful and deliberate in their writing process. 

My personal favorite track “Kangaroo” can be found on their newly released EP “Congratulations.” It has an extremely powerful drum beat that brings a high energy feel to the song. It has a more traditional rock vibe to it, which I find more desirable to some of the more whispery vocals in their other songs. Other honorable mentions include “On the 5” if you’re looking for a more alternative vibe, “Slow Dances” if you’re looking for a good car jam and “are you okay?” for when you’re feeling down. 

Overall, Winnetka Bowling League has a song for every mood. Their beachy sound gives a calm and happy vibe with all their tracks, and their captivating lyrics make every song not only sound good but also convey an important meaning. If you aren’t a fan of a more alternative sound, this band might be a little too niche for you. 4.4 stars out of 5

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