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“Up Next” Artist Review – Peach Kelli Pop

Written by on October 23, 2020

By Roxy Augeri

One woman show Peach Kelli Pop is a contemporary rock band not to miss, as their more traditional rock structure appeals to any audience. Allie Hanlon is a multi-instrument, vocal, and song writing machine, only soliciting help for her live performances from various friends. Hanlon took her experience in rock bands prior and applied it to create her own power pop brand. 

What I like about this sound is that it’s very distinct. If this were playing in a store and I walked in, I would immediately be able to identify it as Peach Kelli Pop and dance along. No matter what changes in style Hanlon uses in each song, they are still very recognizable. 

What makes Peach Kelli Pop unique is the pure talent that Hanlon possesses. Rarely do you have someone who not only has an irreplaceable vocal ability, but also killer skills on all the instruments that make a great rock band. Her experience as drummer for Canadian punk band The White Wires obviously served her well, because she has a raw ability to create all aspects of music. This makes me appreciate the sound even more, because I know Hanlon had a hand in every part, little or small, of each track. 

That being said, some of the music simply doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe it’s because it’s not something I would usually listen to, but I think some of the content and sound just feels random and unintentional. I can respect that there’s a time and place for some of this type of music, but I feel like a lot of the hard work put into each track gets overshadowed by seemingly weird instrumental additions. 

My personal favorites can be found on their latest EP “Lucky Star,” as I feel like she stripped back some of the more hardcore aspects of the music and focused more on the vocals and guitar. My favorite song on “Lucky Star” is “Stupid Girl” as it strongly features Hanlon’s strong vocals and guitar. Honorable mentions are “King Size” for a car ride along the coast, “Plastic Love – Demo” for a heartbreak anthem, and “Cut Me Off” for a chill sleepover jam. 

All in all, Hanlon’s talent in all aspects of making music is unmatched. Her natural ability is evident in every record she puts out, and I have to give her props for all the hard work and effort it takes to create something all on your own. Personally, some of the more punky songs aren’t for me, but she does offer a wide variety of sounds that can satisfy any listener. 3.2 stars out of 5.

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