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“Up Next” Artist Review – Death By Unga Bunga

Written by on March 4, 2021

By Roxy Augeri

Death by Unga Bunga is a very different sound than the music usually covered on “Up Next”, and if you’re looking for a more rock sound this is the band you’ve been waiting for. This band honestly took me by surprise; as someone who normally only listens to much more traditional indie music, this seemed a little bit too hard core for me. However, this band has an amazing grasp on how to create music you simply have to bop along to; regardless of your music taste.

Hailing from Moss, Norway, this  self proclaimed “band of misfits” has been making garage rock for over a decade. Their music has a little touch of a lot of styles: rock and roll, pop, psychedelic, and dare I say punk all rolled into their own unique sound. As time has gone on, they have shifted away from the garage rock sound and into more traditional rock, which I don’t mind. This music is the perfect thing to put on in the car or at a party when you just want to shout along with your friends. 

The reason I enjoy this music is because of the heavy guitar and vocals. Because of the way they have chosen to keep the music so guitar heavy, it has a really distinct bassline that is super easy to jump around to. Paired with the screaming vocals, it’s easy for anyone to follow along and have a good time when listening to this music. Infused with a sense of humor and the sickening guitar licks (courtesy of front man Sebastian Olsen and guitarist Stian Gulbradsten) they have been able to master the type of music that puts a smile on your face. 

Personally I enjoy their latest album “Heavy Male Insecurity” that came out February 11, 2021 to the older music because of how good the music on the album flows together. There is nothing better than being able to turn on an album and listen to the whole thing straight; albums are written to be listened to in order, and so I’m a firm believer in skipping the shuffle whenever you can. 

“All Pain No Gain” takes the cake as my favorite song on this album as it’s the perfect coming of age song for me; this is something I listen to when I want to feel like I’m more powerful than everyone else. It’s absolutely perfect for getting ready for a night out. Honorable mentions would have to be “Egocentric” when you need to scream out your feelings, “Live Until I Die” for when you are dancing in your living room, and “Faster than Light” for a car ride around South Hill. 

Overall, Death by Unga Bunga might just be the rock band you never knew you needed. Providing a decade of fun rock anthems perfect to scream along with your friends, it might be time to take a break from indie. 4.2 stars out of 5.

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