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“Up Next” Artist Review- FINNEAS

Written by on March 4, 2021

By Roxy Augeri

We are starting out the semester strong with our most recent “Up Next” artist FINNEAS, one of the most influential singer-songwriters and producers of our generation. 23 year old Finneas Baird O’Connell has the unique ability to be able to capture emotion in words without trying too hard. Every song makes you feel something without fail; and regardless of the mood you are in, he is able to move his listener. Winning six Grammys for his work in 2019 alone, O’Connell is a powerhouse songwriter and producer that also happens to be blessed with a beautiful voice.

Growing up in Los Angeles to parents in the entertainment industry, O’Connell was surrounded by creativity from an extremely young age. Being homeschooled by two working musicians in LA is extremely rare, and O’Connell took full advantage of the opportunities he had to sing and play instruments, as well as writing his own music. Eventually going on to write and produce for his superstar little sister Billie Eilish, O’Connell’s experience with songwriting and producing allows him to not only write for her, but to be able to really take advantage of the individuality he is afforded with his own music.

The reason I believe this music is so incredible is because of the way it is able to be technically beautiful while still applying to a mass audience. I find that every song can be played in a coffee shop or the radio; while still containing lyrics and instrumental that are artistically advanced. O’Connell is able to perfectly balance the line between easy listening while still making his music powerful to anyone who listens to it.

One of my favorite parts of listening to a song by FINNEAS is I believe you would be able to read the lyrics as a poem, regardless of whether there is any instrumental at all. He has the ability to write not only to himself but also to his audience, creating an intimate relationship with the listener. Paired with his beautiful singing voice, it’s super easy to fully immerse yourself in the music and his message. I find myself crying when I listen to his music frequently, even when I am happy. The vulnerability he creates can reach any audience.

It;s extremely difficult to find any music by FINNEAS I don’t genuinely enjoy, but my all time favorite has to be “Break My Heart Again” off of his debut album “Blood Harmony (Deluxe)” because I can’t help but think about every failed relationship and cry when hearing it. And trust me it’s not by choice but by necessity. The beautiful piano and vocals paired with the powerful lyrics about loving someone against your better judgment make anyone emotional. Some honorable mentions would be “American Cliché” for a more upbeat jazz anthem, “I Don’t Miss You At All” for a more alternative indie sound, and “I Lost a Friend” when you are feeling lost and can’t seem to find yourself.

Overall, I think FINNEAS is easily one of the most influential singer-songwriters of our generation and that listeners of all ages should be exposed to his music. Because the messages are applicable to anyone, it’s easy to get immersed in the sound and expert production. Especially if you are in your feels, FINNEAS is the artist for you. 4.9 stars out of 5.

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