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“Up Next” Artist Review- Wallows

Written by on March 4, 2021

By Roxy Augeri

The Wallows are a band close to my heart, possibly making my top ten indie bands of all time. This band allows me to leave all my worries behind and follow them on a journey through their easy going and fun loving indie pop anthems.

Indie pop trio drew eyes immediately after releasing their first album “Nothing Happens” in early 2019 as lead singer and guitarist Dylan Minette was one of the hottest actors of the time, most known for his role as Clay Jensen in Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why.” Co-frontman Braeden Lemasters is also an actor in Hollywood, which led early listeners to write the band off as a side project for the actors trying to make music. 

However, this music couldn’t be called a side project due to the care and precision that is injected in each lyric. With the addition of Cole Preston on the drums, they have mastered the perfect balance of songs you can groove along too while still sticking to their indie roots. Music is an extremely emotional thing, and they’ve found the perfect balance between making their music meaningful while still making it easy to listen to. One of the reasons I love the band is they write each album in a cohesive order, so you can listen to each song one after the other as I believe all albums are intended to be listened to. That being said, the songs also hold up extremely well on their own and can be added to any playlist to add a bit of flavor. 

Another reason I think this band is one of the most applicable indie bands of our generations is because their music can be listened to in any location when you’re in any mood. Sometimes I think indie music can be kind of intimidating to someone who doesn’t usually listen to it and I think Wallows is able to offer something to everyone. That is so important when you are looking for a great band because it’s something that anyone would like regardless of the genre. 

I have so many favorites from this band but if I had to choose it would definitely be “What You Like” because it puts me in a good mood anytime I listen to it. Minette’s vocals are so smooth and it gives me just enough of a guitar line to be able to dance along. Some honorable mentions are “Scrawny” for getting ready for the day, “Dig What You Dug” for a party at the beach, and “Remember When” for a scenic drive with your best friend.

Overall, Wallows is a band that is very close to my heart and loved by everyone who listens to them. They are the perfect band for any occasion, and work tirelessly to put out music they are passionate about. I would recommend this to anyone who’s intimidated by the indie genre as a whole, because it has a little something everyone can love. 4.9 out of 5 stars.

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