50 Hour Marathon

50 Hour Marathon
4 DJs, 1 Non-Profit, 0 Sleep

Each spring, VIC Radio hosts the 50 Hour Marathon, a weekend-long fundraising effort that benefits a local non-profit organization. The annual event was first held in 1986.

The 2018 marathon benefitted Cinemapolis, Ithaca’s non-profit, independent movie theater. Ariella Ranz, April Carroll, Alys Derby & JoAnn Castillo battled the urge to sleep, accepted donations and played some great tunes.

In 2017, $2,334.00 was raised for Friendship Donations Network.

VIC will hold its 33rd annual 50 Hour Marathon April 5th – 7th, 2019. This year’s beneficiary is the Suicide Prevention and Crisis Service!




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