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By Bec Legato Welcome back! In case you missed my first blog or if you forgot, I made it my New Year’s Resolution to discover a new artist each week. If you didn’t read my review from last week, make sure to check out my look into beabadoobee! For this week though, I checked out […]

By Bec Legato Most people when December 31st rolls into the new year, make resolutions like losing weight, finding more opportunities to be happy, or getting a job. My New Years Resolution was to discover a new artist each week and listen to most of their discography throughout that week. I started off the year […]

By Arlo Catanzaro LaMontagne’s Ouroboros is staunchly different from LaMontagne’s other work to which I have listened, while Ouroboros stays within LaMontagne’s traditional sound he also experiments more and creates an album that is truly a journey to listen to. The correlation of lighter jams and LaMontagne’s soft vocals create an ethereal touch to the […]

By Arlo Catanzaro I’ve have never been a huge fan of country music. Growing up in an extremely rural region I was exposed to country constantly, whether it be at school, in restaurants or my bus driver from Pre-K to Senior year always playing country. I do enjoy what I consider to be folk, but […]

By Arlo Catanzaro Circles Around The Sun, sometimes referred to as CATS, is a jam focused band, usually without any vocals, and is much more focused on creating exquisite, chilled-out jams. They are one of my favorite bands to listen to while doing work and are great to listen to when you need to unwind. The […]

By Roxy Augeri Death by Unga Bunga is a very different sound than the music usually covered on “Up Next”, and if you’re looking for a more rock sound this is the band you’ve been waiting for. This band honestly took me by surprise; as someone who normally only listens to much more traditional indie […]

By Roxy Augeri We are starting out the semester strong with our most recent “Up Next” artist FINNEAS, one of the most influential singer-songwriters and producers of our generation. 23 year old Finneas Baird O’Connell has the unique ability to be able to capture emotion in words without trying too hard. Every song makes you […]

By Roxy Augeri The Wallows are a band close to my heart, possibly making my top ten indie bands of all time. This band allows me to leave all my worries behind and follow them on a journey through their easy going and fun loving indie pop anthems. Indie pop trio drew eyes immediately after […]

By Roxy Augeri Self proclaimed “band of wizards from Oklahoma” Sports is the indie band to watch if you’re looking to be transported into your 80s lofi indie blend fantasy. There seems to be no other way to describe this almost psychedelic group consisting of brothers Christian and Jacob Theriot and longtime friend Christian Chronister.  […]

By Arlo Catanzaro The Allman Brothers Band was the first Jamband I started to listen to after the Grateful Dead. The Allman Brothers share a similar Americana sound as the Dead, but do lean away from psychedelic jams that shaped the early years of the Dead and, instead, focus more on a controlled, folksy style […]