Did You Hear That?

Created by Joshua Pantano

Production by Leo Amaral and Emily Barkin

Join host Peter Ratman (Joshua Pantano) as he and his guests uncover the mysteries of the occult around Ithaca College. Listen in and learn how to summon paranormal creatures, contact the dead, run from the FBI, or find yourself asking, “Did you hear that?”

Disclaimer: Did You Hear That? is a scripted work of fiction. It is not based on actual occurrences and any similarity to real events is purely coincidental.

Episode 8: A Haunt at Whalen: Woah, man, there’s a ghost?? In the music school??? Ratman gets funky with it.

Episode 7: Shirlay Castle: You ever been to Shirlay Castle? Me neither! Ratman and Manuel take a fun group trip.

Episode 6: Case File 01892: [CLASSIFIED]

Episode 5: Clones: Woah, I’m hearing double! Triple? Quadruple?! Ratman gets cloned in this one, guys.

Episode 4: Alien Encounter: Plug your ears for this one! Ratman meets an extraterrestrial.

Episode 3: A Trip to Lycan: Peter Ratman takes a trip to the town of Lycan. Happy Halloween!

Episode 2: The Seance: Peter Ratman and a very special guest attempt to contact the dead. What could go wrong?

Episode 1: The Raccoon Man: In this episode, Peter Ratman interviews a victim of the mysterious Ithaca College Raccoon Man. Have you seen him?

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