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Higher EDvice

College is tough, so a bit of friendly advice may just be the thing you need. Higher EDvice hosts, Grace, Sophie, and Will are here to answer your questions on how to manage the many aspects of college life with fun stories and special guests.

Host: Grace Krug, Will Caron, and Sophie Glassman

Production by Emily Barkin


Season 1, Episode 2: On the second episode of the Higher EDvice Podcast, Will, Grace, and Sophie sit down to discuss friendships with Davis Henderson. Davis provides his own stories and advice regarding challenging friendships and making new ones.


Season 1, Episode 1: Welcome to the first episode of the Higher EDvice Podcast with your hosts: Grace Krug, Will Caron, and Sophie Glassman. This week, Tyler Wallach joins us to discuss Independence in college, and answer questions from fans who need advice. Listen up and you may learn something new!

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