Pitch a Fit

Pitch a Fit offers a chance to create and tell stories that don’t take themselves too seriously. Join host Charlie Becht, alongside sparkling special guests, as they pitch the next blockbuster and compete for their idea to be greenlit. To quote Lorde: “That green light- I want it.”

Host: Charlie Becht

Production by Andrew Tell

Season 1, Episode 3 – Cult Classics About Cults: Charlie is joined by Zofia and Ellie as the group pitches the cult-centered cult classics of tomorrow. Of “Influential,” “Teen Screech Movie” and “I Didn’t Even Think About It,” only one will receive the green light. Whether it’s AI influencer possessions, shape-shifting Ross Lynch, or a leader with a constantly changing accent, the group captures it all.

Season 1, Episode 2 – Psychological Thrillers: Charlie is joined by Hunter and Jose as the group pitches their psychological thriller concepts. Of “Hindsight,” “I WANT MORE,” and “Rabbit Hole,” only one will be selected to be greenlit. The group explores awkward run-ins with your future selves, hoarding, house fires, car crashes, and Wendy Williams.

Season 1, Episode 1 – Movie Musicals: Charlie is joined by Shayna and Patrick as the group pitches their movie-musical concepts. Of “Good Girl Gone Bad: A Rihanna Juke-Box Musical,” “The Queer Bachelor Movie Musical,” and “The Unauthorized Amelia Earheart Katy Perry Juke-Box Musical,” only one will be selected to be greenlit. They explore musical numbers, casting, and whether it is necessary to sing in Hollywood. Sarcasm makes a surprise guest appearance.

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