Tales From Cryptozoology

Join host Oz Bish as they go through the history of cryptids, myths, scary creatures, and more!

Host: Oz Bish

Production by Emily Barkin

Season 2, Episode 3: Ghost Ships: Come ride the scary seas with Oz and learn about ghost ships!

Season 2, Episode 2: Vampires: Learn about vampires and their dark, bloody secrets.

Season 2, Episode 1: Wizards: Join Oz as he recounts a familiar friend from his past… things are not always what they seem to be.

Season 1, Episode 3: Bigfoot: How did Bigfoot get all the fame he’s gotten? Find out with Oz Bish in this week’s episode.

Season 1, Episode 2: Mothman: Learn about Mothman and its origins in this week’s episode.

Season 1, Episode 1: Ghosts: Welcome to the first episode of Tales from Cryptozoology, a nature podcast dedicated entirely to cryptid. Here, we talk about ghosts, the legends surrounding them, and truths about their biology. What is a cryptid? What is ectoplasm? Can a ghost kill you by teleporting inside your body? All questions that are answered in this episode.

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