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Sunday 8:00 am 2:00 pm

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Weekend mornings, sit back and get an earful of sports debate, interviews and conversation. VIC Radio features a variety of sports talk shows that cover professional and college teams from coast-to-coast.

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8-9 AM: Fox and Fish | Hosts: Eli Fishman & Dan Fox

9-10 AM: European Football Talk | Hosts: Rocco DiMaiolo & Dean Gutic

10-11 AM: HQI Sports | Hosts: Parker Hollendoner & Josh Hobbs

11 AM- 12 PM: I Rest My Take | Hosts: Max Adams, Liam Spellman, & Tyler Purdy

12-1 PM: Share the Rock | Host: Jucas Jafet

1-2 PM: Kickoff with Matt and Connor | Hosts: Matt Kane & Connor Wood


8-9 AM: Agree to Disagree | Hosts: Aidan Charde, Noah Schwartz, Jack Acello, & Dean Gutic

9-10 AM: The Weekly Pitch | Hosts: Jeremy Goldstein, Mihrab Samad, Parker Hollendoner, &  Tobiah Zboray

10-11 AM: Offsides | Hosts: Nick Lubrano & Noah Scott

11 AM- 12 PM: On the Mound | Hosts: Matt Sosler, Max Tanzer, & Tommy Mumau

12-1 PM: Dribblin' Around | Hosts: Dane Richardson & Jayden Becker

1-2 PM: Beyond the Field | Hosts: Aidan Charde & Mihrab Samad

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