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VIC Radio thanks the hourly sponsors of the 37th annual 50 Hour Marathon
Friday, April 26th – Sunday, April 28th 2024

Kasey Keller

Ellen Keller

Candice Livengood

Nick Karski

Rosita Royandoyan

Sarah Gillen

Carly Vallet

Tracy Balzano

August Genova

Hair Color Art

Nauset Lantern Shop

Mid-Cape Hoop School

Liz Cordone

Aiden Charde

WICB Executive Staff 

ICTV Executive Staff

Ora’s Amazing Herbal

Ava Berardi

Christ & Kelly Berardi 

Shannon Barbone


Handwork Artisan Cooperative

Greenstar Co+Op

Alley Cat Cafe

Ithaca Guitar Works

Cat’s Pajamas

Anna Griebel

Comics for Collectors

Kitchen Theatre

Sunset Grill

Andy Tell 

Bill Ressler + the Park Scholars


Arlo Catanzaro

Fall Creek Laundromat

All money raised benefits No More Tears

For more information, visit or email