VIC Radio thanks the hourly sponsors of the 34th annual 50 Hour Marathon
April 16th – 18th, 2021

Becca Gulino

Chris Masciarelli’s Fan Club (Friends)

Christopher Masciarelli


Comics for Collectors

Hiltronex | Jon Hilton 

Hound and Mare

Ilyana Castillo

Ithaca Guitar Works

Jack Powers

Jeanie Ramirez

Jeremy Menard

Joan Tell

Khami Auerbach

Khila Khani

Kitchen Theatre Company

Lily Dearworth

Liquid State Brewing Company

Mansour Jewelers

Marcia Dearworth

Raymond Gozzi

Sandra Maxey

Steve Fell

Sunset Grill of Ithaca

Susan Masciarelli

Taylor Callis

Teagen Parker

Tommy Inman

VIC Radio’s Executive Staff

WICB’s Executive Staff

Yanelle Duche

All money raised benefits Ithaca Children’s Garden


For more information, email 50hour@vicradio.org.


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