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Billy Strings

By Arlo Catanzaro LaMontagne’s Ouroboros is staunchly different from LaMontagne’s other work to which I have listened, while Ouroboros stays within LaMontagne’s traditional sound he also experiments more and creates an album that is truly a journey to listen to. The correlation of lighter jams and LaMontagne’s soft vocals create an ethereal touch to the […]

By Arlo Catanzaro Circles Around The Sun, sometimes referred to as CATS, is a jam focused band, usually without any vocals, and is much more focused on creating exquisite, chilled-out jams. They are one of my favorite bands to listen to while doing work and are great to listen to when you need to unwind. The […]

By Arlo Catanzaro Billy Strings is the Psychedelic Bluegrass player everybody should listen to, no matter your opinion of Bluegrass as a genre. What makes Billy Strings so amazing is how fantastic he is at playing the acoustic guitar. His style of picking is extraordinary, and I don’t think there is another artist that could […]