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VIC’s Special Broadcasts

Dive into VIC’s modern take on the classic radio play! Check our  haunting halloween broadcasts and the award winning play ” Animals”.  All broadcasts originally aired on VIC radio.


Hold Me Tighter: When college sweethearts Dylan and Avery come face-to-face with a love-bombing cult, they must fight for their safety and freedom before it’s too late.

Written by Ted Heavner, Sarah Anhalt, and Sam Armstrong. Edited by Emily Barkin and Ted Heavner. Originally aired on VIC radio October, 2023.


Animals: This is a story about a gang of outlaws known as the Paco Gang. They are an unstoppable force, stealing and pilfering anything they can get their hands on. One day, a new sheriff and deputy arrive in town, determined to take the gang down. As the two forces butt heads and tension grows, Paco and his allies must make a chilling decision: give up their lives as outlaws, or become killers.

Written by Joshua Pantano. Originally aired on VIC radio May, 2023.


GEIGER MAN: Five college students crash land in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness, only to realize that they are not alone.

Directed by Joshua Pantano. Produced and edited by Andrew Tell and Emily Barkin. Originally aired on VIC radio October, 2022.